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RDS Construction

RDS Construction offers custom patios and outdoor living extensions in the Humble, TX area, to meet your needs. We design and build patios and outdoor living spaces according to:

  • The original design of your home
  • Your budget restrictions
  • Any feature and design requirements you may have

Our team will work with you to design your outdoor kitchen or living area in Sugar Land or elsewhere in Houston. When you are satisfied with the design, project timeframe, and costs, we will start building your patio.

The primary benefit of building a patio or outdoor kitchen is that it increases your Humble home’s functional floor space. With the right patio cover and design, you can use this additional outdoor living space to house furniture and appliances. Your family members can also use the patio for everyday activities.

RDS Construction

A pergola, porch, wood deck, or fireplace adds additional value to your property and can change the way you think about your outdoor living area.

Outdoor kitchens and patios increase homes’ functionality and floor area. As a result, building a patio is the ideal solution to increase your property’s resale value.

However, if there are any structural issues with your patio, potential buyers may view it as an unnecessary expense. Using the services of a professional such as RDS Construction, you’ll get an optimal return on your investment.

If you want to use indoor furniture on your patio, our team can provide you with a suitable patio cover solution. With the right patio covers, you will be able to use indoor furniture and appliances such as an entertainment system or refrigerator. We offer a wide selection of patio covers to ensure optimal outdoor functionality.

Kingwood Texas Custom Patios

Enjoy the Outdoors in All Weather Conditions

A patio should offer not only protection against sunlight and rain but also extreme temperatures. With thermal patio covers that are easy to open or close, you can use your patio throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather.

A cover means you can entertain and grill on your backyard patio spacewithout worrying about being rained-out.

Why Choose RDS Construction?

We can take care of any outdoor patio project in the Houston area. Our services include the construction of outdoor kitchens and living spaces in Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, and other communities in the greater Houston area.

Get the Outdoor Living Space You Have Always Dreamed Of.