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Make Your Home Smarter: 5 Energy-Efficient Upgrades that Save You Money

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A smart home uses an intelligent system (Internet of Things or IoT) that connects fixtures and appliances to a central hub usually via Wi-Fi to automate a task—set the task ahead of time or do it via remote control or voice command. Many American households are upgrading to a smart home because of the energy efficiency that it offers, saving more money in the long run while becoming more eco-friendly. Additionally, it offers utmost convenience that many can only imagine. 

The smart home is the future and the future is here. It is not a trend that comes and goes. It is here to stay and the execution of a smart home will just keep on improving. 

Want your home to become smarter? Get the following upgrades. 

5 Energy-Efficient Smart Home Upgrades  


1. Install a smart thermostat 

Cleverly manage the temperature of your home and save energy with a smart thermostat. This device learns your preferences and routines that it automatically adjusts the temperature based on past data. If you are home, it regulates the temperature to keep you comfortable. If you are away, it knows that it should turn off the air-conditioner or the heater. It also learns how to manage temperature depending on the weather or your unique schedule. 

Save up to 10% on your annual energy costs with the use of a smart thermostat. Heating and cooling your home uses up the most energy compared to other systems. On the average, your HVAC system eats a massive 43% of your energy expenditure. Complement your smart thermostat with proper maintenance of your HVAC system and slash annual energy costs to up to 50%. 

2. Control home lighting with connected lights 

Install smart bulbs and connected lights at home to make your home energy efficient. Smart bulbs and connected lights know to power down when nobody is home. Then,turn them on using your mobile device when you are headed back home. Manually turn them on or configure the lights to turn on/off at specific times. You never have to worry about leaving a light turned on when you head out for the day. 

On the average, a home spends 11% of its energy budget on lighting. Using smart bulbs and connected lights, reduce this expenditure somewhere from 50% to 75%. 

3. Upgrade to smart home appliances 

Similar to the smart thermostat and smart bulbs, smart home appliances provide a solution in achieving your goal of reducing energy consumption. Smart TVs, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more can identify when energy consumption is lowest in your area and turn on during that time to work efficiently. This also ensures safety to avoid overloading your electrical system. 

Smart home appliances make life convenient, too. They streamline household chores such as your dishwasher turning on at a predetermined time or your refrigerator scanning for food items that are running low or going bad so you can replenish properly. They can do the work independently like the case of the smart vacuum cleaner. They make your home look cool, too! 

4. Invest in a smart water heater 

Detect water leaks and avoid cold showers with a smart water heater. Save thousands of dollars in water leak damage because a smart water heater knows to automatically shut off water flow once it detects a leak.  

Reduce energy consumption when you are away and set your smart water heater to “Away” or “Vacation” mode. Even if you already left home, you can still change the settings through your smartphone. Avoid incurring high costs and wasting electricity with this device. Track the energy usage of your water heater so you can better manage your energy consumption. 

5. Build a smart home with energy-efficient doors and windows 

Build a smart home from the ground up with energy-efficient doors and windows or renovate your house and have these installed. Look for doors and windows with a good ENERGY STAR rating to save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable to live in.  

About 20% of outside air can get into your home when you use regular doors and windows. Doors and windows with a good ENERGY STAR rating can prevent this and reduce heat loss by 25% to 50%, which translates to significant energy savings. 

Get That Upgrade! 

Upgrade your regular home to a smart home to reap the benefits today. Whether you plan on getting the upgrades with home additions, renovations, or building your custom home from scratch, you are in good hands with our smart professionals at RDS Construction LLC. When quality matters, trust no one but our experts! 


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