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Adapt to the New Normal: 5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips from Professionals

While we are still battling the current health crisis, people are spending more time at home. We are united with the world to slow the spread of the virus and doing our best to help by staying at home. Given this situation, families and individuals have found comfort in spending time at the kitchen—be it preparing healthy meals for the family or doing the latest Instagram and TikTok challenges.

People have turned to the kitchen to find comfort: Master new skills, find a sense of purpose in preparing food and drinks, distract themselves from the crazy, or simply fend off boredom. Within a year, homeowners have become skilled cooks, bakers, and even baristas. Be it cooking a scrumptious chicken fried steak, baking a decadent pecan pie, or brewing pour over coffee, you could relate to people who have spent significant time in the kitchen during our lockdowns.

With this shift, we need to design our kitchen to accommodate the new needs of the new normal. As you explore more recipes—whether heirlooms handed down to you or found online—you need to make your kitchen ready for all the baking, stirring, and grilling. Follow our five remodeling ideas to make your kitchen new normal ready.

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the New Normal

1. Install a suite of touchless sensors

Having a suite of touchless sensors in the kitchen can help improve hygiene and prevent the spread of germs through your hands.

A motion sensor that turns the lights on when someone walks in the kitchen eliminates the need for touching the switch. A faucet with a sensor tap that turns on when you wave your hands under the spout will stop you from contaminating it. These are also sustainable solutions moving forward because they make sure that no light or faucet is left turned on when no one is using it.

2. Switch to push-to-open doors

If the health crisis has taught us anything, it is not to touch surfaces to avoid the spread of the virus. Changing your doors to handleless ones can support this goal. A light press on this kind of door can easily open or close it, which also makes navigation around the kitchen a lot easier.

3. Get a bigger fridge

The art of buying in bulk weekly has become prevalent in the pandemic, and it will continue to do so in the new normal. The challenge to make sure that produce is kept fresh longer is solved by putting fruits and vegetables in the fridge. However, since the size of your grocery bags have gotten bigger because you want to store more food at home just in case there is a strict lockdown in the horizon resulting in the need of having a bigger fridge.

It is good that the technology available previously only for commercial fridges that keeps produce fresh longer is now available on domestic refrigerators. 

4. Add a wine rack

It seems like we are not going anywhere anytime soon and hitting the bar is out of the question. So, for Friday night virtual drinks with your friends, it helps to have a rack loaded with your favorite wines and spirits. If you want your drinks cold, a wine fridge is highly recommended.

Having a home bar will continuously grow in popularity. You can make up for the many missed nights visiting your favorite local watering hole by having a space in your kitchen where you can just chill.

5. Install a screen in the kitchen

Many have either discovered or rekindled their connection with their inner chef. Cooking at home will require variety, and to do so, you will turn to online cookbooks. You will need a laptop or an iPad installed in the kitchen so you can easily follow your favorite recipes while cooking.

How do you plan to remodel your new normal dream kitchen? What will it look like?

Remodel your kitchen professionally and get it new normal ready with the help of our design and construction experts. Contact us to find out how you can improve your kitchen to satisfy your kitchen remodeling needs.


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