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RDS Construction.

At RDS Construction, we understand priorities and the need to protect one of your biggest investments. Nothing but the best will do when it comes to your home! If you are preparing for renovations or the addition of a new room or patio, we know that the aspects of quality and cost are of chief importance to you as you consider this new adventure. For that reason, we can honestly say that you have found the best company for the job!

Our attention to detail and efficiency of service make us a highly reputable resource, and we pride ourselves in both our ability and willingness to take on whatever project you throw our way. No matter what your home remodeling needs are, we have the expertise and drive to get the job done right without wasting any of your time or money. By calling on RDS Construction, you are not taking a gamble on a sub-par company but, rather, are placing one of your greatest treasures into the hands of those who wish to add value and beauty to your preexisting space.

Whether it is a kitchen remodel that you have planned or a completely new addition, we work with each of our clients from start to finish and go over every detail of the construction and design process. We seek to provide you with a new space in your home that you can enjoy on a daily basis and be proud to show off to your friends. Our desire is to create repeat customers who loved their new bathroom last year so much that they’re adding on a new bedroom or patio this year. The diligence and professionalism that surrounds each of our projects is something that is of great importance to us and that sets us apart from most other companies in the Houston area.

When it comes to working on your home, whether on the inside or outside, there needs to be a high level of trust involved and a sharing of vision. As a construction company, we want to work not only for you but with you. We want to take hold of the same concept that you have in mind for a freshly updated kitchen and see that vision through to completion. Our plan is not to hurry and finish in order to get paid, cutting corners and doing half-hearted work in the process. Instead, RDS Construction is about precision and quality. From cabinets to floors, carpentry to concrete to everything in between, we are ready to take on whatever particular elements you have in mind.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation, and we will be quick to respond and take action with whatever remodeling services you are needing. Again, we understand that time and money are two priorities that you aren’t willing to compromise on, and we are ready and willing to step up to the plate with a high level of talent and integrity!

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